MultiChannel Sales.

Offline Sales, POS, Online Sale all from the same platform

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Offline Sale

Send Quotation, Manage multiple versions of the quotations, and create Sale Orders directly from the Quotations

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Point Of Sale

Integrate your Showrooms & Stores with the ERP system by using our integrated Point of Sales Solution.

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You do not need to manage your web store, offline stores, inventory separately. Try our solution for multichannel features.

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Multiple Sales Team

Manage your multiple Sales Team as per your customer type or geography.

Each Sales Person can see only his own records and Managers can see records of his team. Privacy across the teams.

Manage the Goals & Targets of the teams & members and judge their performance against these goals.

Sales Commission

Motivate your team by giving them incentives & commissions as per their Goals & Performance.

Create your own Sales & Commissions Plans by using our Flexible Commission Engine

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Sales  Promotions

Attract More Sales by creating Sales Promotion plans.  Comprehensive Promotion Engine to create Promotion Plans as per your need.

Order  Fulfillment

Be it Online Order or Offline, never miss any Delivery.

Seamless Integration with the Order Fulfillment module. 

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